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Nutri 4 by Ailon Naturals is 100% natural herbs and spices, blended and designed for optimum efficiency. Nutri 4 contains a blend of Cayenne and black pepper which has the following benefits:


Cayenne is excellent for easing arthritic pain, fighting colds and ‘flu, and protecting the health of your heart. Cayenne is rich in a compound called capsaicin, which boosts the metabolism, relieves joint pain and inflammation.


Benefits of cayenne pepper:

A potent detoxing agent; promotes healthy lymphatic & digestive rhythms
Stimulates the circulation
High in capsaicin, which relieves joint pain & inflammation
Anti-irritant, great for soothing scratchy throats
Antifungal, anti-allergenic & antibacterial
Fights colds & ‘flu by breaking up congested mucous
Stimulates saliva production, for better digestion & oral health

Research shows that Black Pepper enhances the effect of Cayenne.

Nutri 4 - Cayenne & Black Pepper (60 caps)

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