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Nutri 3 by Ailon Naturals is 100% natural herbs and spices, blended and designed for optimum efficiency. Nutri 3 contains a blend of Turmeric, Cayenne and black pepper which has the following benefits:


Turmeric and cayenne provide the body with anti oxidant and anti inflammatory nutrients while black pepper enhances the absorption of turmeric’s bio-actives.


Benefits of turmeric:

It is a natural anti-inflammatory
It is a powerful antioxidant
It has potent anti-microbial properties
It has anti-cancer properties
It has wound healing properties
It protects skin health
It regulates immune responses
It is neuroprotective in nature and benefits brain health
It protects heart health
It supports both male and female reproductive health
Great for oral and dental hygiene
It has a pain relieving effect


Cayenne is excellent for easing arthritic pain, fighting colds and ‘flu, and protecting the health of your heart. Cayenne is rich in a compound called capsaicin, which boosts the metabolism, relieves joint pain and inflammation.


Benefits of cayenne pepper:

A potent detoxing agent; promotes healthy lymphatic & digestive rhythms
Stimulates the circulation
High in capsaicin, which relieves joint pain & inflammation
Anti-irritant, great for soothing scratchy throats
Antifungal, anti-allergenic & antibacterial
Fights colds & ‘flu by breaking up congested mucous
Stimulates saliva production, for better digestion & oral health

Nutri 3 - Turmeric, Cayenne & Black Pepper (60 caps)

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