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With yoni steaming, the benefits are much greater than just getting clean. This ancient practice uses herbs to promote healing and rejuvenation to cleanse and detoxify the female reproductive system, maintain hormonal balance, improve fertility and sexual desire, soothe menstrual discomfort and other health concerns, as well as create a soothing and nurturing atmosphere for the innermost female core energies.


Benefits Of Yoni Steam:
- Assist with menstrual and fertility issues
- Helps alleviate vaginal dryness
- Can be used for general cleansing or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle
- Natural detoxing and rejuvenation
- Revives the body's natural energy
- One of the most effective herbal therapies for restoring the female natural state of being


Direction of use on back of packaging


Please Avoid V-Steams If:
- You are pregnant
- After ovulation (if attempts have been made to conceive)
- If you are bleeding heavily
- During the full flow of the period
- If you have an acute infection
- And/or you have vaginal sores or blisters.

Yoni steam (1 portion)

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