Our mission is simple, to bring about a change in how we protect our bodies and our world.

Ailon Naturals have teamed up with a company called Residual Barrier Technology who developed disinfectant solutions with 3 levels of protection. Not only are they less harmful, they also provide 99.999% effectiveness, and up to 24hr residual protection.

Putting life and our environment first, RBT has developed a range of disinfectants and applications that are clinically tested to perform better, protect longer, less harmful, save time and money in application.

Below a short video on the RBT product and their application:


Ailon Naturals has also teamed up with a company developing electronic dispensing units for the RBT disinfectant. The unit is used extensively in corporate offices and event venues. Below a short video on the application of the unit:




RBT Med / Viridis
Viridis has been tested against the highest EN standards in UK/EU and is registered under German BAuA for surface sanitiser. 

Viridis products have also been successfully tested in various childcare and dental settings, are 99.999% effective and it’s unique formulation means that its efficacy lasts longer than traditional alcohol based disinfectants.

Anti-microbial and anti-viral multi surface disinfectant
Anti-microbial and anti-viral hand rub
Manufactured in the UK
Viridis is a water-based, organic and biodegradable product with very effective microbiocidal efficacy on a broad spectrum of Viruses, bacteria and yeasts. The major differentiation of Viridis as compared to other disinfectants is the unique RBT technology that enables the residual efficacy to be much longer lasting than traditional alcohol based disinfectants. (up to 4 hours on hands and 24 hours on hard surfaces).
Viridis has been tested against the highest EN standards in UK/EU and is registered under German BAuA for surface sanitiser. Viridis products have also been successfully tested in various childcare and dental settings on micro-organisms isolated on surfaces as well as on several antibiotic resistant bacteria isolated from Malaysian hospitals. These tests were carried out by the independent laboratory of Sunway University headed by Distinguished Prof Poh Chit Laa, who is the Head of the Centre of Virus & Vaccine Research, Sunway University. Prof Poh is a leading microbiologist / virologist in the region. She has published over 100-ISI cited papers and is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Bioscience and Bioengineering, published by the Society of Biotechnology, Japan. She is also the leading expert in the world on Enterovirus 71.
Viridis products have the following advantages over the traditional alcohol-based disinfectants:

  • Effective microbial efficacy killing 99.999% of microbes (bacteria, viruses & fungi)
  • Longer residual efficacy protection. (Alcohol disinfectants evaporate quickly)
  • Organic, water-based, non-inflammable and biodegradable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Does not cause skin dryness unlike alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Tested locally in Malaysia on a wide spectrum of pathogens in lab & field settings
  • In addition to the usual virus testing it is effective against HFMD (EV-A71) and DENV virus
  • Tested suitable for sensitive skin at an independent laboratory.
  • Halal Certified
In a lab test conducted at Sunway University, under Prof Poh, 5% Viridis was able to inhibit EV-A71 in 5 minutes whereas it took 10% Chlorox (highly toxic) to be effective in 60 minutes. EV-A71 is typically a virus that can survive up to 7 days on surfaces and the current COViD2019 has been reported to exhibit similar survivability rate on surfaces. The Viridis formulation therefore has been proven to inhibit viruses that have the characteristic of survivability on surfaces.
The WHO has recommended traditional alcohol-based sanitizer to be used against coronavirus. However, none of the traditional disinfectants (alcohol or others) has actually been tested against the Wuhan strain (COVID2019). Viridis will definitely be more effective because of its proven longer lasting residual efficacy unlike alcohol which evaporates rapidly. Viridis has been tested to be effective to perform at V-log 4-5 (99.999%) in killing pathogens, over a 24 hour period , with 8 wear cycles, on surfaces.