About Ailon Naturals

Ailon Naturals was established during the COVID 19 Worldwide pandemic in 2019 by Theo Botha and Alwyn Marais.

At Ailon Naturals we have set out to develop our products with the spirit of innovation as the basis for our work and research, with the best Organic and Certified Products available.

One of our key motivations was that we believe in the ability to change society and make it a healthier place.

We started our business with the most unknown product in Africa - Moringa , Moringa Seeds , Moringa Leaf Extract and added over the growing process of our products our own Collagen range that is imported from Germany and our Flagship range “ Collagen Sport “ that is WADA Approved for all our Athletes.

As we progressed Ailon Naturals was the first South African Company that managed to import the first CBD Hemp Smokables into South Africa and are now available throughout South Africa in all major retail outlets.

Ailon Naturals aims to provide their clients with quality products and services through their professional solutions. We want our clients to receive excellent services which entails:

• An experienced team of professionals with the necessary skills and expertise.
• A dedicated team of professionals who understand that your needs are unique.
• A client-focused culture where your needs come first.
• A smart business module that will be an advantage to all parties.


We are committed to conduct healthy business practices which support our company values of respect, honesty, integrity, and accountability, ensuring a stable employment environment and ongoing sustainability. We believe in empowering people, building relationships, and improving lives. Entrepreneurship, incentivisation, decentralised management and communication are key drivers. We subscribe to a philosophy of transparency, excellence and innovation in all our business dealings.


It is our companies strive to provide our clients with quality products and render quality service with good values. Partnering –Selected an industry leader in the field which harvests Moringa from their own farms and produce Moringa products for the domestic and international markets. This has the advantage that ultimate control is maintained from growing the trees all the way through to the production of the retail products. This in turn gives us peace of mind that we can provide a superior product to the market knowing that every step in the process has been quality checked. Vision is to combine our individual company skills to the market, new and exciting product not only to the domestic market but especially to the international market. Seek to form alliances with key players in the market that will combine to provide excellent product that will influence people’s lives for the better…